A Senior Portrait experience is about YOU. It's about being perfectly you and creating something that you will love now and forever.






We like to highlight who you are because YOU are awesome. We won't take you to the same location every time or have you in for studio shots that look like everyone else's studio shots.


We will curate something classic, something trendy and something special that truly highlights your senior year and who you are right now. Why settle for the bare minimum from your photographer when you can get full service from beginning to end? This is a once in a lifetime experience and you will be treated as such. This time is special and it should not be wasted on "good enough." My promise to you is that I will never say "good enough" on anything I create for you.

When you come in to view your session and see just how I see you, the beautiful and wonderful person you are... it will show in your portraits. You will see it and feel it in your heart.


Easy Steps to book:

1. Fill out the form at the bottom or skip straight to step 2

2. Choose your date (you may also click this step to choose your date)

3. Give me a call (913-709-8655) or have your parents call so I can get to know you

4. Pay the booking fee to claim your date

Once that is complete, you will get session info, all kinds of tips, our Senior mag and I will start creating the plan for your perfect session! 




The Senior Portrait Experience - This is an adventure. We go to popular AND unique locations, follow the light and create cool art with YOU as the subject. Most seniors bring about three outfits and accessories but you may absolutely bring more if you're feeling inspired! Creative fee $300


The Senior Mini - One location. One outfit. 25 minutes. Simple and quick but memories that last a lifetime. Creative fee $249


Some session extras... because you might be a little extra and I'm here for it


If you love the idea of a "Model Programs" because you like the variety, you may upgrade to the Exclusive Multi Season for only $150 more. 

This includes a couple extra mini sessions that YOU choose. If you see something that inspires you or if you always dreamed of portraits in the spring, summer AND the fall... you don't have to choose! You may even add a mini session with your best friend to this selection. YOU have some creative control! This is an extremely popular selection.


Travel Sessions

Yep. You heard me. Travel sessions to somewhere cool and different! It could be close and out of town or exotic. You can plan it around your family vacation even. Sitting on the beach thinking "Man... I wish I could do my portraits here" is not un unachievable dream. Sounds crazy awesome, huh? It's becoming a really popular trend in senior photography! 


Collections are sold separately at your ordering appointment. You have a CHOICE between digital and print collections but you get the best of both worlds with every option and we have something for everyone! Collections start at $495

We do this because we don't think YOU should have to do OUR job. We're also highly trained in creating things that will actually print right. If you've ever tried to print something from a photographer, you might know from experience how challenging that can be. You deserve GOOD results. 

Pricing for a creative fee and the collections are broken up to make cost easier for families. A lot of artists ask for the whole sum at once. We like to give you time between the booking and ordering.


We just pick your favorites together, you receive your digital images in a digital download as soon as they're ready and your finished product will arrive a few weeks later. 


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