Kansas City Senior Portrait Spotlight - Adrienne

September 13, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey, all!

Amy here and I just wanted to take some time to reflect on my first year here at the studio with Sarah's Class of 2022 Seniors. Looking through all their albums truly just make me feel like I made the right decision in a career change. I mean, all of them look so ambitious, optimistic, and eager to take on every challenge that might be thrown their way - they have the world ahead of them! Is there any other profession out there where so much creativity goes into developing unique images of the incredible young adults that are OUR future?! I'm just amazed thinking of individuals like these taking over our world. We're rooting for them all the way! Go, Seniors, GO! 

So up first is this wonderful lady, Adrienne.

Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-2Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-2 I just want to say that I want to be her when I grow up! Not only is she just shining from the outside, she's SO smart. No, not like regular smart, like... brilliant smart.

Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-3Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-3 She's now into her first year studying at Brigham Young University in Idaho and there's no doubt in my mind all the innovative things she's learning and doing.

Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-6Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-6 How cool is that?! I could only dream of being that level of awesome!!! 


It sounds like talent like that runs in her family though... Adrienne's mom, Becky Johnson, is a piano teacher at Let's Play Music teaching and inspiring young adults to embrace music to carry into their future. It's so incredibly important to share the gift of the arts with the youth. Again, they are our future and the way we shape them is the foundation of learning other important skills like math, science, control and all over human development. 

Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-1Kansas-City-Photographer-Senior-Pics-Portraits-Images-Sessions-Sarah-Ireland-Photography-Senior-Girl-Adreinne-1 Adrienne, we wish you the absolute best in your future endeavors at BYU and beyond! You are such a shining star and we just know you'll continue to do great things. 




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