Sarah Ireland Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sarah Ireland Photography (Sarah Ireland Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:21:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:21:00 GMT Sarah Ireland Photography: Blog 80 120 Best Friends This was such a cute day with my four year old and his BFF. Honestly, I've been trying to get to this for so long and am so glad I had a chance to do it! 

Brock started at his old daycare when he was six weeks old and Lily was one of the other kiddos. When they were about 2 1/2 or three, Brock would tell anyone that would listen that Lily is his best friend. If you asked Brock "Who is your best friend?" Lily would watch him closely as if she was making sure he was going to say her name. It was so adorable. 

They're still best friends even though they go to different preschools now. We get to go do fun things together when we have time and they are most definitely at each other's birthday parties. My husband and I are lucky that Lily's parents are fun too. haha

For their little day out, we dressed them like "grown ups" then took them to various cool places in Kansas City. The Plaza, a museum and probably their favorite spot... the super cute Donutology shop where you get to pick your toppings. They also had to have a cold, glass bottle of local Shatto Milk. Just like your local grocery store, Donutology also buys those bottles back right after you drink them. I love that. 

If your toddler through teen has a "bestie" or even if you're a grown up with a "bestie", consider booking a session to have a cool memory of your friendship. I remember when I was in Jr High and High School, best friends would go to a portrait studio to get professional portraits together. I love seeing them pop up on Facebook now in a good throw back Thursday post. It brings back memories of how inseparable we were with people that may be a thousand or more miles away now. Think of this as the next level. This little fun day/session has sparked a lot of fun ideas that I would love to try! Call or message if you want to discuss some options.

I've still got some fall space open and am teaching a Newborn Safety Workshop next month. You may read all about that by clicking HERE. This will be a very busy but very fun fall. I can't wait to see your family in front of my camera! 


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Newborn Workshop Announcement Newborn AdNewborn Ad


This blog has been a ghost town for too long! Pretty sure I actually saw a tumbleweed roll by while I was dusting off the cobwebs. Honestly, if you're not a blogger, these posts can be a little hard. 


So why am I back at this? I want to announce something that I've been wanting to do for a while and preparing in the late hours when I should have been sleeping. (Hmm.. it's 1:00am and I swore I would be asleep by 10:00) I've been asked many times, finally a bunch of people requested it at once. That's probably a sign, huh? 

I'm offering my first (and maybe only, we'll see how this goes) Newborn Workshop! Honestly, I've been adding to a list of ideas for over a year and I'm more than ready to teach newborn safety to others. How to make the expectation, the reality instead of the next Pinterest Fail article. 


Some people starting out don't know that safety is an issue or they see an image online and think "that looks easy, I can to that" but there is a science to it. This science starts with precautions that seem absurd until you see them in action. There are also secrets to shooting and editing that look like baby is doing something dangerous, while keeping them perfectly safe. 


When you start out, it can be really hard to guide babies into those squishy positions without making them looked like you just flopped them there. Seeing it in person, for me was a life changer. I wasn't as nervous and the babies seemed to feel my new sense of calm; I know they felt my nerves! 


We'll cover all kinds of info, I have it listed here in my sign up sheet or here in my event announcement on Facebook. We'll probably discuss more than the info listed because a bunch of photographers in a room could easily talk for days!


Your spot will be reserved when you pay your reservation fee in the sign up sheet. If money is an issue, we have five weeks until the workshop. Reach out to me and I can set it up for five equal payments instead of one or two bigger ones. We all start somewhere and I know this will help you make some big, positive changes to the future of your business and reduce some headaches.


One of the requirements is that you know basic manual shooting. If you don't know manual shooting, please let me know and I will schedule something before this class. If you sign up, there is a place to indicate that you need training in manual shooting. 


I hope to meet you soon! Please share this with your photographer friends that are learning or looking to get into newborns. 

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