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Photography connects you to a time... 

   ...when you were excited with the promise of a new baby, your belly was round and your husband didn't know whether to rub your feet or rush out to get you ice cream. Now you're holding that image, laughing together while anticipating the arrival of your first grandchild. 


   ... when you all were FINALLY together in the same place for the first time in ten years. Some people argued, a lot of you laughed. You looked around grinning, spotting all of the funny similarities in your extended family members. Now you have that portrait hanging on your wall and you can pat yourself on the back for organizing not only a portrait but borderline impossible logistics. 


   ... when those toes were so little and those lips were so pouty. How that sweet thing you created made your heart burst with emotion and peace and fear and happiness all at once. Then again when that tiny thing became a young adult, a high school senior. Who had a car and a job and - oh my goodness college applications 


   ...when that woman came walking toward you down the aisle. That beautiful woman who loves every good and weird thing about you, decided that you were the only man on the planet for her. 


 What memory are we going to connect? 


Family and Business Services by Sarah Ireland Photography 

Call 913-709-8655 to start planning your personal masterpiece. 


Maternity Portraiture At 32-38 weeks, maybe the last thing on your mind is getting in front of a camera. It was the last thing on my mind too but with a lot of courage and some tears before, I went and can't believe how happy they make me. Don't worry about little imperfections, they wont be there when you come to view your gallery. A lot of moms say they wish they would have done maternity portraits. If the thought crosses your mind once or twice, it's your subconscious telling you to treat yourself! 


Newborn Portraiture This may be in studio posed or more relaxed lifestyle portraiture when baby is 5-14 days old

Studio posed requires specific training to ensure the safety of your baby. Please make sure any artist you choose has been trained for this. It also requires a bunch of gear, which is why it is done in studio. Baby leads these sessions based on their comfort and flexibility level. 

Lifestyle Newborn Portraiture is done in home, a little more relaxed and cozy in your new baby's surroundings. A lot of people like this style but a lot of people are not in the mood to deep clean right after baby comes home. You can also do this fun style of session as baby gets bigger. 


Squish Sessions 

A Squish Session is for babies who have just started sitting up, crawling or are about to walk. This small window of time is amazing because your baby will have that adorable baby chub, give us big smiles and pretty much melt our hearts. They will also try to escape often and have very little patience so we do these quickly and strategically to get the most out of a short window of time. 


Child Only 

We can do some great classic portraits or more dressed up theme portraits. Children change so much, just open your phone and scroll back a bit to see the difference in their appearance. If there is something fun you've seen or have thought about doing, lets plan it together! 


Tween - Teen Portraits

Portraits for nine year olds through the teen years help boost self esteem and confidence, yet it is a very overlooked time in portraiture because of some big changes happening that make your kids feel unsure. This transition time is very busy, sometimes awkward and sometimes emotional. Scheduling a portrait session  then hanging their portrait on the wall is a major emotional boost. It tells then that you're proud of them... even if you can't agree on anything right now. 


Senior Portrait Experience

King or Queen for the DAY! Locations can be the most popular or one of the many less traveled spots in town so your portraits will be as unique as you are. The Senior Portrait Experience is fun and relaxed, as there aren't typical Senior Portrait rules with clothing and locations, it's about getting genuine images that you will love forever. 

Check your yearbook deadline if you need to have something in right away. A lot of yearbooks take submissions right when school starts and some take as late as March. 


Family and Extended Family Portraits

Some photographers are scared of families, especially big extended families. It's not an easy feat but you will receive great tips to prepare you for your session. Some of those tips might be surprising but they will help you get great family portraits for your small or large family! 


Engagement and Wedding Portraits

After the those expensive and super uncomfortable heels are retired, you've eaten that frozen chunk of cake on your one year anniversary and the electric can opener from Aunt Esther goes kaput, you will still have your wedding art. Your professional wedding prints and albums should last longer than you, so your great grandchildren can look through them with your children before their weddings. 

Wedding Collections all include an insured artist, a teamwork approach with all vendors, complimentary engagement session and a very experienced second shooter. Not only will you have photographers for your wedding day, we'll be your sidekicks ensuring you've got that person to help you with the little things. Bow ties? No problem. Calm people in the room when everything is crazy? People who see all the details like that one rogue bobby bin? Thats us. Calm, happy and ready for anything because we deeply care about your most important day. 


Family Heirloom Pieces and Restoration

Restoration of your old family prints, scanned, corrected and printed on paper that is supposed to last over 100 years. It, along with any print from Sarah Ireland Photography is rolled with a gorgeous UV protective coating. Prints obtained through a professional artist are the safest and most guaranteed way to preserve your family history. 


Business Solutions

Business Head Shots are extremely important today. People want to see you in the business world. There are so many remote ways of dealing with colleagues, clients, employees or prospective employers. It is imperative to have professional photographic self representation, creating a great first impression and building rapport in our digital world. Business Head Shots may be done for one person or your whole office. We can go to a great location or the studio setup may be brought into your office. Once lighting is fine tuned, employees come through quickly, view their image and be back to their desk in five minutes. 


Office, Restaurant, Store and Real Estate What do you do when you're looking up a business or new home? Many people scroll through images to gain familiarity or even decide if it's a place that appeals to them. Sarah Ireland Photography is educated in commercial marketing and web imagery to help maximize your online to in person conversion rates. 


Product and Food Photography Small and large products or menu items may be shot on all white for sale online. More creative shots may be created for marketing and promotion. This may be done in studio for smaller items, on location or in your place of business. 


Commissioned Art Pieces

You've been thinking about something for the wall to fit into THAT space. You know what you want, a city skyline, something abstract, floral, serene or gritty. We can plan an art piece that will bring you joy every time you walk into the room.