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Photography connects you to a time... 


   ...when that woman came walking toward you down the aisle. That beautiful woman who loves every good and weird thing about you, decided that you were the only man on the planet for her. 


   ...when you felt strong, beautiful, full of energy and you wanted to treat yourself to beauty or boudoir portraits. The end result of that session is now a reminder, every time you look at your album, of just how amazing and beautiful you really are. 

   ...when you were excited with the promise of a new baby, your belly was round and your husband didn't know whether to rub your feet or rush out to get you ice cream. Now you're looking at the prints from your maternity portraits, laughing with your daughter, anticipating the arrival of your first grandchild. 


   ... when those toes were so little and those lips were so pouty. How that sweet thing you created made your heart burst with emotion and peace and fear and happiness all at once. Then again when that tiny thing became a young adult, a high school senior. Who has a car and a job and - oh my goodness college applications 


   ... when you all were FINALLY together in the same place for the first time in ten years.

Some people argued, a lot of you laughed. You looked around grinning, spotting all of the funny similarities in your extended family members. Now you have a beautiful image of your loved ones on your wall and you can pat yourself on the back for organizing not only a portrait but borderline impossible logistics. 


IT CONNECTS ME to the time when my husband was still alive, griping that I made him wear a jacket that day when I decided to take some portraits last minute on a cold, November day. Who knew that we would lose him suddenly 1 1/2 months later? That last family portrait means so much to me and my sons. I look at it and think about how he always loved to gripe when we were preparing for anything. I would brush it off and smile to myself because no matter how much he griped, he always loved and felt proud of the end result. He loved that portrait and made me print one for all of our family members at Christmas. 



What memory are we going to connect? What are we going to create that you can hold in your hand and cherish when that baby graduates high school? Gets married? What are they going to show their grand children in the future? There is a bigger picture than "a few quick pics" and I am here to create something special for you. 


Family and Business Services by Sarah Ireland Photography 

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